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The health benefits of uv (here refers to the normal sunshin

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The health benefits of uv (here refers to the normal sunshine)

  Excessive exposure to uv rays can burn the skin or cause age-related cataract, even cause skin cancer, etc. But the amount of ultraviolet radiation on the human body has many benefits:
  Sterilization in the human body skin with a basal cells, the cells containing melanin the original "is a kind of tyrosine material, under the action of ultraviolet (uv)," the original "melanin into black, calm in sunburn on surface of the skin, make skin even dark brown. This is the important reason of sun tanned skin. This AD cool-headed pigment can absorb more light, quickly turn into heat energy, and stimulate the secretion of sweat gland and heat dissipation. The sun can kill the bacteria on the skin, prevent boils, folliculitis and other skin diseases. Indoor sunshine regularly, often bask in bedding, can reduce the spread of the disease.
  Promote calcium phosphorus metabolism in the human body skin containing sterols substances, this substance can be turned into vitamin D by the sun's ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D in the blood after improve the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, resistant rickets, osteomalacia and senile osteoporosis.
  Enhance the body's immune ability of ultraviolet sunlight, can stimulate the hematopoietic function of the body, multiply the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin, improve the quality of red blood cells, improve muscle activity state, also can lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and increase the body's immune ability, promote the body's cells oxygen ability and metabolism, relieve asthma and joint pain, relaxing tendons, enhance physical fitness.
  So, what should be in time for u? When midsummer 11-17 should not accept the sun, because this paragraph of time infrared light is too strong, generally can reach more than 1.5 per cubic meter per minute card, produced by the temperature is 37 ℃ - 45 ℃. In the spring and autumn season 7-10 o 'clock, or 15 to 16 points, this time, strong sunlight ultraviolet ray, infrared weak.

Uv damage to human body
  On a hot summer, the sun of the illuminate of ultraviolet radiation on the human body is difficult to avoid. Excessive ultraviolet sunlight to the human body skin, eye damage, immune system, etc. Ultraviolet rays can damage human skin cells, causing wrinkles, spots, make the skin prematurely senile, serious when produce solar dermatitis and sunburn, or solar sex Angle of skin and mucous membrane disease, cause cancer. Eyes are uv sensitive organs, ultraviolet light can cause damage to the lens, is one of senile cataract of pathogenic factors.
  In scorching summer, between 10 am and 3 PM, the intensity of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, the strongest outdoor activities to avoid this period of time, in order to avoid the ultraviolet radiation to human body harm, even need to outdoor activities during this time, don't forget to also hold umbrella, wearing a sun hat or sun mirror, use a normal manufacturer production of skincare and sunscreen, and as far as possible with white or light color clothes, to alleviate the ultraviolet irradiation, cause unnecessary damage to human body.
  Although excessive ultraviolet harm the human body, but the health of human body growth and leave the ultraviolet light. Skin in 7 - dehydrogenation cholesterol by light into vitamin D3, vitamin D3 for maintaining calcium ion concentration inside and outside of the human cells, regulating metabolism of calcium phosphate has important physiological function. In countries where the sun, infant rickets and adult bone softening and the onset of osteoporosis, and babies thrive without proper sunbathing, people need the right amount of ultraviolet light, therefore, the right amount of light is necessary.