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The specificity of particularity of printing equipment

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The particularity of printing process determines the specificity of the equipment used

 First, from the concept of special printing technology:

  The concept of special printing has a great deal of relativity. Results of general printing technology, it is developed on the basis of general printing technology printing branch. If there is no general printing technology progress, there is no special printing production and development. Therefore, cannot be completely divided the two more cannot connect the two opposites.

Second, from the technology of printing process of:

  It is one of the main features of the special printing. Mainly for print or printing products in the particularity of the whole production process, such as printing principle not only include the printing pressure, also include pressureless printing; Plate-making methods and different materials used, plate-making process is also different; Postpress not book binding, and mostly refers to such as coating glazing.

Screen printing machine provides special printing of specificity:

  The particularity of printing process determines the specificity of the equipment used. Used as special printing, digital cameras, holographic camera, stereo camera special embossed plate making equipment and printing equipment and finishing and processing equipment, etc.

The diversity of silk screen equipment carries special printing:
  The diversity of substrates, mainly displays in three aspects:
  first, in addition to the paper printability, and cardboard, corrugated board, metal, glass, fabrics, synthetic resin, fiber, etc.;
  Second, not only has a flat surface printing, and surface, rigid surface, elastic surface and shape, etc.;
  Third, substrates specifications in addition to the regular, there are a variety of sizes.