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UV light curing how to reduce the printing the downtime?

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UV light curing how to reduce the printing the downtime?

  In the printing and packaging processing industry, equipment maintenance and printing machine downtime control to improve the profits of enterprises and increase the return on investment (ROI) is very important. This is mainly because most of the enterprise equipment in several shifts, in a few more hours of downtime when it isn't appropriate, can cause bigger loss. Is there a solution to reduce printing equipment downtime, the answer is yes, UV curing technology is one of the solutions.
  Of course, improve the UV light curing, and it is a strange word. Because the UV light curing is a very reliable, and can replace the hot air dryer and other drying technology of curing technology, it is widely applied in printing and packaging processing industry has.

The advantages of UV light curing technology
  UV curing technology began to embody one of the main advantages is the initial capital investment is less, the UV curing system compared with hot air drying equipment investment, UV curing systems in terms of investment in equipment can save 80% of their money. Other advantage of UV light curing is improves the production efficiency, improve the quality of printing quality and make the printing quality. In addition, the most prominent advantages of the UV curing light not in the printing workshop and the surrounding environment emissions VOCs (organic volatile).
  UV light curing system of maintenance and operation is simple, it is also an advantage of UV light curing. UV light curing system belongs to the advanced technology, the start when use may feel UV light curing system maintenance and control of some complex. Actual situation, however, a set of UV curing system operation and maintenance is simple, downtime optimization to a minimum, UV light curing system of easy maintenance, easy to operate.
  Maintain good UV system is the key to work out a preventive maintenance plan, and the maintenance of UV light curing system according to the plan. That means need to often check UV light curing system comprehensively, including work from top to bottom to overhaul. Check items including the UV lamp, lamp shade, and mirror gasket, and check the mercury relays, capacitors and other electronic components, etc.

The UV system maintenance
  The UV light bulb is the core of any a UV system. Correct maintenance and handling of the UV lamp, not only can increase the service life of the UV lamp, but also can ensure the UV light bulb in the work under the condition of maximum luminous intensity. A UV light bulbs inspections every week, mostly looking for bad omen of the following:
  End of UV light bulb expansion
  Crimp end of UV lamp
  UV light bulb at the end of white
  Dust and attle deposited on quartz glass
  The end of the UV lamp FaMo
  If one appeared in the first three items, the UV system need for air conditioning or water regulation (UV curing system of cooling is not correct).
Don't outside, UV light bulb correctly is necessary. Should not take the UV lamp glass itself, but can only hold ceramic end, or wear a linen cloth gloves. On the skin grease can stick on quartz glass, after a while, in under the action of heat, grease will burn the UV lamp. Whenever you need to contact to the UV lamp, can be used after contact with an alcohol cleaning solvent scrubbing the UV lamp can remove the grease of the bulb.
  The UV lamp shade itself also need a weekly cleaning and checking. Carefully check the UV light shielding device, in make sure air can flow into the UV light curing system at the same time to ensure that no excess UV light leakage. Air inlet filter should be kept clean, no dust and attle stay on its surface. If in the process used in UV light curing quartz plate, then you should to periodic washing of the quartz plate, to ensure the transmission properties of UV light are still valid.
A good UV lamp shade air filter and valve working mechanism should be adopted, it can make the UV light curing system validity and reliability can reach maximum.

Filter should be clean and dust-free, so air wouldn't restricted.
  UV mirror inspection and maintenance is another simple method to guarantee the efficiency of UV light curing system. For printing and post-press processing application, UV mirror is mainly used to focus, and make for curing dry printing quality in the biggest under the irradiation of UV light. Reach the surface of the printing quality because 75% of UV light is reflecting UV light, so it is very important to keep the pad clean, when the mirror mirror finish to reduce needs to be changed immediately.
UV power supply devices have many shapes, sizes and structure configuration. Most of the power supply device of transformer with mercury relay and capacitor, the purpose is to control the output power. UV light curing system manufacturer to provide the output power of technology more advanced, UV light curing system of power supply mode can provide infinite variable output. Equipped with HMI PLC can provide a graphical interface, to control and track the UV light curing system of work.

Matters needing attention
  When you buy a set of UV light curing system, consider the following factors:
  Your factory's maintenance personnel can easily cope with electronic components?Transformer, a compatible? the electric box can be cool, and there is plenty of filtered air it?
  Before buying a UV light curing system considering the afore-mentioned problems, can save time and money.
  The use of the above mentioned, the maintenance work steps of UV light curing system sounds a bit trouble, but they are indeed a good way to save time. Make every week one hour of time to do some preventive maintenance work, record the maintenance log, printing and postpress personnel will be able to make their UV light curing system is in the best working state, reducing equipment maintenance and downtime to a minimum. For troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of UV light curing system, UV light curing system manufacturers will provide a control platform, the platform can give users full computer control.
  In the printing and post-press processing industry, printing machine downtime is inevitable. When the UV light curing for printing and post-press processing to improve production efficiency, improve the quality of printing products and realize the printing service diversification, preventive maintenance measures is a simple method avoid printing machine downtime at the inappropriate time. Before buying UV light curing system, remember system maintenance characteristics to qualify for UV light curing system, so that your company's printing machine down time will be reduced to a minimum.

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