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UV light solid machine care what is method?

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UV light solid machine can not remain stable in the operating process of safety operation, is the need to see you at ordinary times in the process of using, in use process you use the correct method of use, can lengthen service life. Therefore in use process need to be careful attention. Once there are several maintenance methods:
 1. UV light solid machine curing speed:
  Need from two aspects to consider 1 with the best curing speed to curing; 2 cured fully. Best curing speed and how to choose? In the first place at a certain speed by UV light solid machine, if the curing, acceleration, again until by UV light solid machine out of the ink layer are not curing, at this point, will be able to determine the best curing speed. Is just beginning not curing speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best curing UV light solid machine speed.

 2. The UV lamp power:
  The UV lamp power must meet the requirements of the UV curing ink UV light solid machine, if the UV lamp power is not enough, so, timely cure time lengthened again or to cure will not achieve curing effect. So, when the UV lamp power is not enough, should be replaced immediately power of UV lamp.

 3. How to test adhesion:
  Will lead a after UV light solid machine, the cool to warm up can be divided into 6 * 6 mm, can only draw in ink film, not damage calendar, with 3 m ~ 600 # tape adhesion test. By testing the problem of adhesion to see UV light solid machine.
  This is UV light solid machine maintenance of the main three factors, there are many factors that can influence of UV light solid machine, in the process of the use of UV light solid machine, other factors also can't be ignored.