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UV lamp is in use process failure may occur

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  UV lamp is in use process due to a variety of reasons will happen some faults, expounds several under UV light in use process will often encounter failure.
  1. The UV lamp can't start: at the time of launch, tubes cannot start, also the thrum of zi zi. Reason may be that is the reason why the input and output by the departure, it is possible that tubes placed a long time.
  2. UV lamp always flash: after startup reason may be that lines are not matching error or tubes, it is possible that the quality problem of the tube.
  3. UV lamp up: the reason may be that light wall load is too large.
  4. Black on both ends of the tubes: the reason may be that
A. the purity of the electrode is not enough, use of volatile substances.
B. the quality of the quartz tube has a problem.
C. workers to the problems in the process, such as exhaust row as a month.
  5. The UV lamp holder ripped off: the reason may be that
A. the ink with connecting rod ink unreliable.
B. at the time of installation, fluorescent lamp holder is tight. After open the lamp sends out high temperature which distorts its broken.
  Above is the UV lamp is in use process often encounter problems, so in peacetime use of UV lamp, should pay attention to the maintenance of the tubes.

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