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What is a qualified UV machine standard?

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UV machine it is made of light source system, control system, ventilation system, transmission parts and chassis, we when selecting a UV machine should pay attention to what issues?
  1, Light source system: mainly by the UV lamp, UV lamp box, transformer, capacitor of four parts.

A.U V lamp selection, with UV ink absorption spectrum of the wavelength and power density to match, or even illumination, longer curing times more does not completely curing effect.
B. reflector type generally USES is the focus, the characteristics of the reflector reflects the light of UV lamp energy concentration, high photochemical effect.
C. the selection of the transformer must match the UV lamp power.
D. the capacitance should be selected with the UV lamp and transformer matching, choose according to the output voltage of the transformer the withstand voltage of capacitor used degree.
  2. The control system, digital temperature controller, motor overload protection, including the leakage protector, UV lamp current meter, electric control circuit insurance, timer, power indicator light, start/stop switch, fan motor insurance, etc. So when the choice should pay attention to the above device is normal.
  3. The ventilation system: by air, air ducts, air cover, etc. When choosing to pay attention to the choice of fan and air volume control and ventilation. The collocation of different UV machine, fan is also different, choose the UV machine, fan selection should be based on the UV lamp power to choose fan, pay attention to the fan to match the UV lamp power.
  4. The transmission part by transmission mesh belt, frequency converter, motor, reducer, chain and drum. When choosing to pay attention to the above part is functioning normally.

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