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How to avoid color print change and take breath failure

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In the use of UV curing machine, how to avoid color print change and take breath failure
 1. Polish dry areas: solvent (oil) ultraviolet (uv) light is electrical energy, heat energy conversion type on thermal drying methods. Appropriate increase electric power, air velocity, and properly control the workpiece speed, can promote the volatilization of solvent, diluent, improve the drying effect, reduce the residual, reduce odor and yellow discoloration.
  2. Glazing coating: no longer use easy to link ink material decomposition of aromatic hydrocarbon benzene, toluene solvent (oily gloss coating. Thermal type of glazing machine should use alcohol glazing coating, reduce solvent chemical action of the printing ink layer. The main components of the UV coating should have polymerized double bond (methyl) allyl esters of oligomer and polymerized (methyl) benzene acid ester monomer and initiator, light or with aromatic diazonium salt, aromatic sulfonium salt, aromatic palladium salt as the main light initiator, epoxy resin and oligomer. Cationic photopolymerization glazing coating to improve the same uv energy under the condition of light curing speed and capacity. It is recommended to use water-based glazing oil.
  3. Determine the UV curing machine is curing effect of UV light source spectrum (400 nm), width of the light source power and the corresponding transport network and effective curing speed. UV lamp quartz body aging, voltage stability, performance and so on magnetic transformer will influence the UV light output. Relative decline rate of application of the electronic monitor provide UV lamp UV output, according to the comparison with the new lamp value, to decide when to replace the UV lamp.