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The clearance between the coating roller and rubber roller

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Laminating machine how to adjust the clearance between roller and roller coating
    In regulating laminating machine clearance between roller and roller coating, according to the requirement of the compound technique to adjust the gap between the two rollers. Adjustable clearance, feeler is inserted between two rollers, twisted clearance adjustment screw, when the feeler there is contact between two rollers, can twitch and a slight resistance when clearance is appropriate; If the twitch relaxed the gap is too big; At this time can slowly rotating counterclockwise, until get the appropriate clearance. On the other hand, the resistance is too large or can't move, said gap is too small, can turn the handwheel to appropriate clearance. Also need to adjust the gap at the ends of the two roll around, make clearance equal on both ends, two parallel to the roller, to ensure uniform coating. Otherwise, can loosen the butterfly nut on the gear box, turn adjusting screw, the gap is equal, then tighten butterfly nut to maintain the normal position.
  The handwheel end with a dial and a pointer, every little reading of 0.01 mm, the weekly reading of 1.5 mm. When the hand wheel rotation of a small case, glue spreader mobile 0.01 mm, the rest on. The size of the actual clearance must agree with the reading of the dial on the Pointers, otherwise, can the position of the pointer and scale, wall equipped for two roll gap coarse adjustment.
  It is worth noting that banned two roller contact and collide each other. Work, such as glue roller at the bottom of the bubble in the glue solution, can make the normal operation of the two roller, avoid losing two roller surface. Then carefully operation knife scraping gum with the hand, let the frictioning knife slowly and glue roller, can be appropriately small pressure at this moment, make it fit better, and then screw down the square shaft fixed to tighten the screw shaft. Scraping gum blade and rubber roller joint to level off, otherwise, the adjustable square shaft adjustment screw, so that the joint is flat and level. The last pressure in the screw fastening on the hand wheel.
Stop work when the plastic roller, plastic scraping knife and tool rest must be separated from glue roller.