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UV glazing oil what are the technical requirements

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When choosing the UV glazing oil, as well as colorless, tasteless, ideal glazing oil resistance to chemicals, dry quickly, burnish feels strong, etc, also must have the following:
  1. With a soft elastic: didn't kind of gloss oil on the surface of printed form bright film must ensure good flexibility, can be adapted to the flexibility of the paper or cardboard, not broken or cracked, fall off wait for a phenomenon.
  2. Good flowing property, the membrane surface to smooth: print has a variety of materials, plus printing graphic, the influence of surface wettability of absorbent, smoothness, etc. The difference is very big, for glazing coating on the surface of the product that different to be able to form a smooth film layer; Therefore, coating requirements better flowing property, after the film membrane surface should be smooth;
  3. The membrane layer transparency is higher, not easy to change color, in order to make the printing after polishing processing has satisfactory effect, the film after drying layer can not only show the original gloss printing graphic, print and can form a transparent film, coating after film-forming transparent glazing, performance is stable, not easy to change color yellow, etc.;
  4. The film will have stronger resistance to the environment: the printing after polishing some used to produce various types of packaging cartons, in order to better protect packaging products, so the environment resistance of glazing coating must be better;
  5. Postpress eligibility to wide: print gloss, also need to be processed, therefore, requires glazing coating postpress eligibility to wide,
  6. Membrane layer to toughness and wear resistance: most of the polishing of the surface of the print film is not only to have the appropriate toughness, but also has a certain resistance to wear, to adapt to the polishing process after the use requirements of the product processing requirements;
  7. The surface of printed matter to have certain stick together: print because of the influence of the surface figure ink layer density value, the surface sticky suitability greatly reduced, in order to prevent dry film layer after the occurrence of the phenomenon such as dry, take off the membrane, require film adhesion, and on the ink and ink with all kinds of accessories to have certain stick together.