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Sankun uvA04 UV curing machine

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Sankun uvA04 UV curing machine

Performance configuration:
  1. The high quality of the cooling system, in order to prevent the work from the chamber temperature is too high, also in order to protect the environment, therefore is equipped with sophisticated cooling system;
  2. Equipped with UV lamp current display, can timely understand the UV system working condition;
  3. Equipped with long delivery system, convenient assembly line production.
  4. Conveyor system for stainless steel mesh belt;
  5. Equipped with many sets of UV lamp, can according to the requirements of the different dry open UV lamp;
  6. Equipped with speed regulating motor and speed, convenient different needs to adjust the speed of;
  7. Equipped with imported high concentrated reflector, fast drying speed;
  8. Curing light source distribution is reasonable, can quickly fully curing ink;
Applicable scope: is suitable for all kinds of plastic spray UV ink curing and dry.