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Waterborne glazing UV roller coating machine

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UV roller coating machine waterborne glazing have what characteristic
   1. Use water-based polish sex glazing is waterborne glazing oil;
   2. The waterborne glazing it is very suitable for food, pharmaceutical and other industries packaging printing processing; For example, in cigarette packaging, can use of waterborne glazing oil prevent changing;
   3. The waterborne glazing oil is consists of synthetic resin and water of two parts, synthetic resin (45%), a small amount of water, volatile edible alcohol as auxiliary solvent, dispersible oil polish accounted for 55%;
   4. Waterborne glazing oil which has high solid content, low viscosity, non-toxic characteristics, it also has the very good flow property and glossiness, also can use water to dilute;
   5. Waterborne glazing oil, it has very good heat sealing, even using cellophane, still can get very good heat sealing;
   6. Good flatness in waterborne glazing oil processing products, crimp resistant capability is strong; Therefore suitable for the need to wear very strong wrapper class prints, especially in cigarette packaging, at speeds of up to 300 ~ 500 bags/min tell operation, cigarette packs to sustain large mechanical load. Waterborne glazing oil can meet the requirements of high transparency and wear-resisting.