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Printing design luster to consider what factors

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In the printing need to consider what factors when design the luster
Printing, the factors to consider when designing luster very much, the main factors are as follows:
  1, coated paper used in the print, it should be the surface strength, whiteness, uniform texture, high smoothness, low moisture content, good absorbency, small scale. In this way, can obtain the effect of good product; The paper moisture content is high, not only in printing deformation would appear, and when the coated wrinkle easily, take off a layer; Flatness is poor, strong absorbency of paper, not only affect the printing quality, coated blister easily take off layer, also affect the quality of the product.
  2. The coated products are prone to become warped edge, in the book cover, laminating can design have le mouth, prevent cocking. If used polishing processing, do not need to design the mouth.
  3. The quality of the print paper in glaze, the effect of good quality, high smoothness of paper polishing effect is better;
  4. By ordinary ink cover to extinction membrane type or use inferior smooth ink printing can produce hazy gloss effect;
  5. Design the colour of the printing product, want to consider glazing after printing and laminating process, whether there is a yellow phenomenon of materials, attention should be paid to in advance to develop countermeasure, to make the print eventually produce the desired effect;
  6. The color series also has effect on the polishing effect, attention should be paid to jump in large area of color and light color, then dark and small printing color piece, this is advantageous to the ink inside and surface are fully dry, dry good print after polishing glossiness is high also, adhesion is strong;
  7. After the printing need coated printing product, if the printing ink layer thick, graphic area is large, can interfere with the adhesive diffusion and permeation, and plastic film on bonding was more difficult, very easy to cause to take off the layer, the phenomenon such as foaming; So, ink layer should be thin some, with appropriate printed by offset printing technology.