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Sankun uvA05 UV curing machine

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                              Sankun uvA05 UV curing machine
Sankun technology uvA05 UV curing machine, also called B UV curing machine, the configuration of its technical performance and applicable fields as follows:

  1. The UV lamp reflector made of aluminum and magnesium alloy focusing effect is good, high production efficiency;
  2. Install the current display, UV lamp current can be achieved by current display of the clock control, can effectively control the UV system working condition;
  3. Equipped with 3 sets of UV lamp curing system, can open is different according to different number of UV lamp;
  4. Conveyor belt width is 750/900 mm;
  5. Equipped with conveyor belt system speed regulating motor and control system, can adjust the speed according to the needs of work.
  6. The drying speed is 3000 ~ 5000 m/h;
  7. Equipped with efficient cooling system, can effectively will heat emitted, maintain workshop temperature within the temperature range of reasonable, can prevent workshop temperature is too high and cause printing product is damaged;