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Roller coating machine problems into the film coating

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Roller coating machine problems into the film coating
In the use of roller coating machine, will encounter all sorts of problems, here is in the use of roller coating machine easy to encounter all sorts of main problems:

1. Jump rubber:
  A. may reason: the plastic film in the process of transportation handling damage to the film, accidentally or membrane operation department level, both sides is not the same as the firmness;
  B. elimination method is: when the glue with a cylindrical objects on coated film surface of the partial pressure, or adjust the film of firmness, keep on both sides of the thin film firmness consistent, make it run parallel;

2. There was a lateral jump glue coating:
  A. may reason: the coating may sometimes appear horizontal jump, this is due to host speed and feed motor speed is not the same as live feed speed is too low;
  B. elimination method is: slow down the speed of host, adjust the feed motor speed;

3. The broken film:
   A. reasons might be: on the membrane resistance;
   B. discharge method is: adjust the membrane around the shaft on the top cover, brake loose put membrane, lubrication feeding shaft;

4. Liquid adhesive overflow:
  A. reasons might be: due to the film side disconnect trimming, falling into a plastic tray, blocking the glue tank storage reflux hole, make the glue overflow;
  B. elimination method is: the broken edges of the glue tank storage salvage in time.