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Roller coating machine:analyses howto make plastic operation

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Sankun roller coating machine: analyses how to make plastic operation

In the process of plastic operation, according to certain steps, here are some plastic operation steps:
  1. First of all, should first will screen printing and offset printing has been printed printed flat on operating platform for plastic; (plastic and with the whole process of the UV curing machine curing, plastic material must be placed)
  2. According to the actual situation, in a beaker of clean, accurate measurement, divided into two groups according to the proportion of 1:1 mix mix, some crystal glue by 2:1 ratio of ingredients, and then remove the air bubbles in the mixed gel;

There are two commonly used methods:
 A. the first as the natural defoaming, still in the container 15 ~ 30 min;
B. the second for vacuum deaeration 3 ~ 5 min.

Note: in the case of low temperature, resin can be up to 40 ~ 50 ℃, the lower the colloid viscosity, bubbles easily emerged;
3. Then remove clean clean needles, will have after defoaming crystal glue injection needles, then measurement and evenly drip on signs, trademarks and other surface, usually crystal rubber thickness of 2 mm, make its natural flow flat;
4. 3 ~ 5 min after drip crystal glue, observation of glue with and without bubble or dust, if you have small bubbles, usable fine needle pick it, such as found no flow flat crystal glue corner, with a small needle extradition;
5. Pouring good sign, at 20 ~ 22 ℃ temperature curing 10 ~ 14 h hardening, be not sticky on the surface of crystal plate;
6. If stickers, trademarks, etc., itself is very thin, the line is not obvious, pouring, easy to cause the crystal glue overflows, has the certain difficulty to 2 mm thickness, so pay attention to the different situation when making a crystal glue, control the viscosity, in the process of application, can be placed 1 ~ 2 h, in order to improve the viscosity, suitable for thin crystal glue pouring;
7. Make greater than 2 mm thick plastic signs, crystal can be divided into two plastic, after the first plastic, curing 3 ~ 5 h, plastic for the second time again;
8. Plastic after cleaning, regardless of the plastic by hand, or automated plastic, after completion of machinery and equipment, container needs to be clean, if the glue after hardening, does not dissolve in any solvent, so must be clean before it has no hardening machine container.