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How to eliminate wrinkles film failure

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Sankun roller coating machine: to teach you how to eliminate wrinkle membrane failure
 When using roll coater coating coated, often appear wrinkled film light phenomenon, the following several ways to eliminate wrinkle membrane phenomenon:
  1. When using the roll coater coating, the coating too thick rubber, evaporation of the solvent can not thoroughly, thereby affect the viscosity, pressure roll extrusion, the sliding between print and film; Elimination method is: adjust the amount of glue, rubber is not too thick, increasing the temperature of the drying way;
  2. In the process of operation, the tension is not enough, make the film moves uneven, causing membrane wrinkling; Solution is to adjust the pressure, make its functioning;
  3. The film transfer roller of roller coating machine does not balance; Elimination method is to adjust the transmission roller;
  4. The temperature is too high, also can be caused when the feed membrane wrinkling, in laminating process, the heating is the purpose of making membrane softening, paper and plastic film bonding, therefore should take the fan cooling, close the heating wire or adopt other effective measures of cooling temperature returned to normal as soon as possible.
On both sides of the thin film looseness, or wavy edge; Elimination method is need to replace qualified film;
  6. Thin film coating on the surface is not dry, can also cause membrane wrinkling, elimination method is to improve the drying temperature;
  7. On both sides of the electric heating tube and rubber roller imbalance, pressure, speed is not equal; Refuse to do is two roller, roller coating machine should be adjusted to make pressure on both ends;