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New UV light curing machine

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         Energy efficient and environmentally friendly UV light curing machine available!
  Shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. All the colleagues to congratulate UV LED point light source
  The start of 2010 UV LED point light source under the guidance of radiation predecessors, completed another new breakthrough in the curing light industry.
  The UV - LED point light source illuminate machine equipment adopts LED mode, can choose 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm wavelength of different power leds, corresponding to different UV glue, UV ink, UV light oil, UV paint, etc., at the same time corresponding to different material requirements. UV LED light source illuminate machine, high purity, no thermal radiation and the depth of the influence of UV light, long service life, and the output cable, for you to reduce the cost of technological equipment, UV LAMP power consumption is low, compared to the same material does not contain mercury, is a new product of energy conservation and environmental protection, make product UV cure more quickly and more efficient, more green, more secure, more environmentally friendly.
  Compared with the traditional UV light sources, LEDUV more environmental protection and energy saving lamp; Droop from 800 or 1000 hours to 10000 or even 50000 hours; This is curing industry pursues not only, and is also what our clients expect; One-time investment cost is relatively higher than traditional UV light sources; But, by contrast, consumables province relic; For enterprise services, service is our tenet for the society;

■ A high energy, high purity uv light, using the latest high-energy ultraviolet LED quickly complete the uv glue curing, greatly improve production efficiency
■ A host controller can independent operation at the same time use 4 LED light head or synchronization

■ Thermal radiation is small, light machine adopts imported light-emitting devices UV - LED electric power for 3 w and 8 w, spectral distribution of 360 nm to 420 nm, no infrared light, so is the surface of the product without the rise of temperature
■ Energy conservation and environmental protection, LED low power consumption, when using, need not preheating of the tubes, instantaneous high power up to 100%, out-of-the-box, ultraviolet photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, and contains no toxic mercury, also won't produce ozone, is to replace the traditional light source of a safer, more environmentally friendly option
■ The volume of a small volume design, LED controller is about 1/8 of the traditional LAMP irradiation machine volume, the installation of equipment is more simple, small light head design, fully consider the space requirements of precision production, the installation of equipment is more convenient

■ Equipment can be used in different processes, according to the actual situation needs, users can be equipped with an external extension cable itself
■ Reduce the material cost, LED the use time of generally can reach 25000-30000 hours, and the traditional LAMP irradiation machine need to replace tubes about 2000 hours or so, LED - UV use cable output, fiber optic light, LED can reduce the cost of technological equipment for you, improve equipment utilization

■ Unique fan cooling, quickly put the chip heat discharge, improve the power output stability, prolong the service life of the LED

Chang energy-saving, create a green environmental protection homeland is our mission!