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After the UV light on the UV printing ink which features

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    Curing rate slower, flexible, and high hardness, better adhesion than polyester acrylates, good chemical resistance performance, is very good pigment wetting, after curing ink brightness high, the price is high, the color values are not stable easy to change color, with ink additives improved flexibility, brightness, hardness and adhesion, multi-purpose at RuanSu I material base material, cork floor coatings.
    Of course there are also some not commonly used but have some unique properties of resin, such as acrylic ester oil and polyether acrylate and so on. Here introduces several kinds of UV resin prepolymer, aims to understand the resin in the UV ink and UV ink I sex principle is different from the solvent is thinner is resin, is light cured film forming material, and the solvent is used to adjust the ink viscosity but it is volatile matter can't film. A single functional groups, multifunctional thinner, double functional group, and its viscosity and molecular weight increases and volatile, in turn, decreases in turn. Some of the resin are also adjustable viscosity diluent effect, such as polyester acrylates. UV ink can depend entirely on the thinner without prepolymer film, also can use without diluent fully prepolymer film-forming, it depends on the viscosity of the ink requires. , such as curing rate, flexibility, hardness, brightness, viscosity, paint adhesion 1 wet sex embellish, the principle of the concept of.
    Dilution ink thinner, just as its name implies is the function of liquid, is a low viscosity resin monomer.

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