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Problems need attention when using UV lamp

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Several problems need to be aware of when using the UV lamp
1, germicidal lamp won't kill nitrifying bacteria: this sounds weird, is not only the UV lamp, can kill bacteria in water (at least most of), but it won't kill nitrifying bacteria, it is a fact, UV lamp to get rid of the bacteria floating in water, but for filtering water quality has a significant contribution to the nitrifying bacteria with flagella, so they will adhere to the filter material (biological, biochemical cotton ball, ceramic beads), of course! A tiny amount of nitrifying bacteria because there was no bed, will be floating in the water, but few part is large enough to shake your filtration system. Another expert research, there is no attachment in the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material is no purification function for water quality. That is to say! Those slain nitrifying bacteria die   
2. With small water flow, the effect of the UV lamp is good: you use the UV lamp, need to match a low efficiency of the motor, the water injection in the UV lamp, the slower the better, so as to ensure that every trickle out of the water after the irradiation of UV light for a long time, so just have a significant effect.
  3. UV lamp don't have to use for a long time, short service life of the UV lamp, then efficiency is larger than six months ago, often use timer, use a few hours a day, the function of it is enough, it is important to save money! In addition it is best to turn off the lights when the UV lamp, the effect will be better, turn on the light when it is the most active, algae don't play hardball.
  4. Don't put on the drugs: no one can guarantee the UV lamp will and you deliver the agents in chemistry, when put on the medicine, do not open UV lamp is to ensure that the correct approach to security.
  5. Convert nitrite nitrate: yes, the use of UV light turn small toxicity of nitrate in water into highly toxic nitrite, as a result, the UV lamp in the inlet and outlet must be different, after water inlet filter material, outlet before the filter material, in this way, the nitrate in water after through UV lamp produce nitrite can immediately via the filter material immediately back to nitric acid, the process that sounds scary, but each complete nitrification in a system, it is very easy, that is to say, the new cylinder, please don't use UV lamp, to ensure safety. Please note that don't change water for a long time friends! Aquarium nitrate could be too much, before you at this time the UV lamp, may indeed cause filtration system is relatively heavy burden, it is worth noting.
  6. The effect of the UV lamp: as mentioned above. The function of the UV lamp is effective against bacteria, the key is in the wavelength of the UV lamp, is the most effective sterilization band, the wavelength of the strongest point in band is 253.7 nm, the problem is that you buy it is correct to the wavelength of the UV lamp, who all don't know! I can only tell you that the wavelength is absolutely harmful to human body, the UV lamp shell is need special technology, thus able to assert that cheap UV lamp can remove algae, as for sterilization, is not optimistic. That is to say, there is no special case against harmful wavelengths, its sterilization function of dubious, again, in other words, no one can resist the correct wavelength germicidal lamp shell, based on safety, the inside of the tubes is also impossible to have the wavelength of 253.7 mm.
  7. Should you buy? I don't know! Really don't know, I can only say that I also have to buy, also useful, and I can't advise you whether to buy, I can only say that many fish friends did not use the UV lamp, also can produce high quality health dragon fish, you should also can is.

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