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Using UV light solid machine matters needing attention

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                            UV light solid machine use the matters needing attention when needed

    Ultraviolet rays will serious damage to eyes and skin, lights, please don't directly in the eye with the eye surface of the tubes, but also to avoid the ultraviolet radiation of the skin.

 A, boot to turn it off
   1, turn on the light when the need to turn on the light, in turn, each lamp time interval for about 1 minute, don't open at the same time.
   2, should turn off the light after fan to operate for a period of time, until the cooling tubes.
   3, if you need to start again after turn off the lights, must wait until completely cooling tubes at startup, or in the case of tube surface temperature high is unable to start.
   4, after turn on the light cannot be put into production immediately, should have a lamp preheating time, summer high temperature, preheat time is short, winter low temperature, preheat time longer, preheating time want to be in 2 to 3 minutes, if there is a strong or weak light device, UV light solid machine should start in strong light shift lights, lamp preheating can shorten the time, so if production is need weak light, can be at the end of the preheat to weak light.


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