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They can solve the UV light solid machine glitch

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  When we use uv light solid machine, need to pay attention to some problems, these problems are often encountered. If what problem does not need to find a factory to repair, actually oneself can be completely solved, let's look at some of the uv light solid machine a few small problems.

  1. When start in UV light solid machine in the power cord plugged into a power supply right first.
  2. After the power supply if long time don't turn on the light, the device will automatically cut off the power of the switchboard.
  3. When closed always button switch, the power of the light is lit up, press the power supply after the start button, the machine will in standby state.
  4. After turn off the lights, will immediately start the uv lamp, if not bright is a normal phenomenon, wait until after the uv lamp cooling, can light up.
  5. Closing the switch of motor, mesh belt run, according to the requirement of the product to adjust speed control knob, suitable for the mesh belt running at a high speed
  6. Start A lamp, such as A lamp current to A stable state, again to start the lamp lights or C B. Can prevent the flow of the power switch.
  7. When close the uv lamp, according to A light stop, according to B lights stop button after continuous operation, the fan cooling effect of the ultraviolet lamp, wait for after cooling the tubes, cut off the power of the switchboard.
  8. When changing a uv lamp, to open the box, loose box the power cord, fastening screws, pull out of the box, for conversion.

If we can properly deal with this small problem, can make our uv light solid machine use longer. Sankun technology trustworthy!

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