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The tunnel furnace how to operate

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Preparation of work:
  Check whether the power switch plug firmly.
  If open power, indicator light lights up, you ready.

Operation method:
  The open power master switch, light is lit up.
  Open the front and rear section temperature switches, indicator lights up at this time.  
  Adjust the temperature on the thermometer, the initial set at 150 ℃.
  Start the tunnel furnace motor rotary switch.
  Turn tunnel furnace speed controller switch to the ON position (), then will bright lights, conveyor belt running at the same time.
  Adjust the ratio control knob, make speed meet the need.
  After waiting for the product output, depending on the quality of a form to adjust temperature until conform to quality requirements.

  Conveyor belt on the power switch, open the tunnel furnace operating normally.
  Deployment of conveyor belt to reach the speed of the products needed.

Are ruled out:
  Is abnormal in work such as motor conveyor belt to stop moving or tunnel furnace, should immediately turn off the power supply, and inform the professional maintenance personnel.
  Work such as the temperature is not normal should immediately turn off the power supply, and notify the professional personnel for repair.

Safety precautions: 
   To avoid high temperature mixing temperature, lest cause shipping/scrap or tunnel furnace burning.
 Cleaning and maintenance:       
   Every day after the operation, need to clean the body, to prolong service life.