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The UV lamp installation considerations

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    Prior to installation to use ethanol to wipe clean the tubes, wear clean gloves again took tubes.
    With booth to install lamp hole cloth mat will be through the tubes, don't let the light tube touches the metal side panel, let the lamp in the cloth with a through. Have wiring in the direction of the UV lamp need to pay attention to the direction. Or it will lead to damage the tubes, reduce life or tube surface overheating.
    Lamp installed after the lamp holder to living with your hands in the free state gets stuck on a few times to see if tubes, won't appear so when installing light burst phenomenon.
    Will sometimes check the tubes, the UV lamp tear open come down to see the tube walls with traces of hand lines, and don't rub off. This is because when installing lamp without wearing gloves, hand sweat and dirt glued to the tube through high heat sintering carbide on the quartz glass crystal. Serious leakage position in stain appear when make the tube scrap.
Install or change the UV lamp, must turn off the power when clean lamp shade, or you will get an electric shock.
    Lamp maintenance during the period of time to use in the UV lamp, at the right time (1 ~ 2 months) with anhydrous ethanol, gauze first clean tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then rotate the UV lamp 180 ℃. Chimney baffle board after losing mirror effect need to be replaced. Form a complete set of power transformer, capacitor, tubes, chimney four pieces. Transformer from 2 KW - 20 KW can production and processing. Transformer has the branch of copper aluminum wire. Capacitance from 18 UF to several UF can be customized. Tubes from 200 w to dozens of kw can processing production. The lampshade is customized according to the length of the lamp body itself.
    Ventilation scientific and reasonable. Ventilation rate is calculated by the science, the purpose is to sucked out the heat generated by the uv lamp tubes, light and work under normal temperature environment, not the lower the temperature, the better.
    Always keep the wall clean, especially to remove oil stains, dust. Because the wall surface infiltration of these substances in the high temperature tube, prevent ultraviolet radiation.
    Transformer parameters and parameters to match the tubes, voltage, current should not exceed design index. Especially the starting voltage is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally does not exceed 40% of the design work voltage.

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