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Tunnel furnace maintenance method

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Tunnel furnace used for the first time when there may be a little odor or white smoke, and for some time, dazzling and it is a new product, with some will disappear automatically after a period of time, will not affect the machine performance;
Don't put any items placed on the tops of the machine cover, lest affect the machine performance;
Machine, the environment requires the best fitted with nearly exhaust duct to outside.
Machine in the cleaning at least once every week, to ensure good low temperature tunnel furnace operation, maintenance and test quality.
Machine set cover vent need to pay attention to clean, eli ventilation cooling.
Electrical switchboard must be cleaned once a month, and check whether the screw is loose.
When maintenance will always power isolated and closed.
Check whether grounding line loss.
Check whether overtemperature preventive device is set correctly.
Check the temperature sensor cable out.
Control box vent pipe with box up and down with the exhaust gas emitted, so as not to control dust pollution in the clean room, affect the control box to keep normal temperature, lead to electrical components damage early.