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Roller coating machine operation

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    Need to look at before starting the heating roller coating machine barrel for water, not dry, or you'll burn out the heating wire;
    Check the heating thermostat setting value: set up 70 ℃ in winter, summer set 40 ℃;
    Join the primer, turned on the power for heating, and stir the paint;
    Adjust the paint roller and steel roller distance and boot rotating roller coating machine, rubber roller and steel roller light contact, can not contact too tight, dry grinding roller;
    Open the paint pump, adjust the paint flow size moderate (flow rate is too big, can make the paint overflow rubber roller; flow rate is too small, can lead to leakage roller coating paint), and adjust the rubber roller and steel roller pressure again, control the amount of roller coating primer: too loose will lead to paint dripping, too tight will make paint is too thin. Check paint reflux tank normal backflow, do you have any paint spills and leaks paint;
    Determination of paint heating 35 ℃ to 30 ℃ - o, if the environment temperature is below 5 ℃, reflux paint temperature below 20 ℃, need to open the roller coating machine heat lamp, ensure the roller coating temperature above 20 ℃ (summer heat lamps need not when, must remove the returned to the warehouse storage backup), heat lamps per shift to use alcohol before starting the cloth to wipe clean, or it will affect the heating effect;

    Adjust the height of rubber roller, a roller coating product test, check whether accord with a standard roller coating surface, rubber roller contact with the surface of the product is too light, there is leakage paint (not roll on paint) or rubber roller plating, contact too tight, will make the roller coating film is too thin.