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Roller coating machine is working

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  Paint surface smooth, no rubber roller corrugated,Adjust way: coordination face paint roller pressure comes into contact with the products, remove the ripple marks, if you can't remove ripples, lower paint roller speed (frequency) between 25 to 30 square             
   A paint film with embossing or stripes,Adjustment method: check surface paint roller have scratches, dust or particles, if there is damage, need to replace the rubber roller.
Safe operation 
  Operators are not allowed to touch rotating rubber roller and steel roller, prevent clip hand;
  Operators are not allowed to touch the power interface and connect power, switch, secretly to prevent electric shock;
  Operators are not allowed to touch the machinery transmission device, such as: sprocket, chain, motor pulley, etc., in case of inductrial injury accident;
Abnormal need remove the maintenance, roller coating machine to cut off the power supply and cleaning machinery and equipment, electromechanical mechanic processing.
Equipment cleaning and maintenance
   Cleaning equipment available butyl acetate ester cleaning, reflux thinners can not enter the paint bucket, can use another pot of preservation, used as the first paint thinners, can not be cleaned with alcohol and used inside the paint, prevent the paint white;  
After cleaning equipment, need to separate the rubber roller and steel roller, prevent adhesion, damage to the rubber roller, when power off from work at night, to stop heating, avoid long time heating, there is a fire;      
   Paint for at least 3 meters away from the machine electrical system, the machine next to the ground not residual paint, must be clean, prevent fire