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UV lamp work and maintenance

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UV lamp work and maintenance 
   1, when power OFF, please put all the light switch in the "OFF", convulsions opportunities continue to convulsions 5-10 minutes will turn OFF the power supply automatically;
   2, inside this energy saving device, in a set time not into the material when the UV lamp will automatically jump to the weak light, in the next time the material automatically to strong light;
   3, card board: feed Sensor, according to the discharge Sensor in according to the set time, is to cut off the light switch and convulsions and alarm.
  1, the lamp don't direct contact with the hand, if the contact immediately wipe with alcohol (95%) of the tube;
  2, the lamp and lampshade clean wipe with alcohol (95%);
  3, the lamp and lampshade according to use degree in about two weeks time, clean environment should be kept clean;
  4, porcelain head if there is dust must wipe clean the tubes, in order to prevent the tube poor contact;
, 5, suction fan and machine room cooling fan to once every three months to wipe, to keep clean screen pack, so that the supply air HeJinFeng;
  6, the replacement of UV lamp, according to its energy attenuation degree to detect regularly by the quality department per shift UV energy, when the UV energy shortage or in order to meet the energy requirements have led to the conveying speed can't meet the demand of normal production when they need to change.