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The choice of UV light solid machine

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    Need offset UV printing equipment must form a complete set of UV light solid machine and UV drying equipment, generally choose UV light solid machine, UV dryer, UV curing machine this several UV machine to connect to the offset press, but the market of UV drying machine, UV curing machine cannot achieve offset printing technology and equipment of UV printing process to need, because now on the market of UV light solid machine, UV curing machines and other equipment is used in screen printing screen printing UV light solid craft industry, UV light solid machine UV lamp is used by process performance is lower the high temperature and low intensity of UV light, in the process with high temperature, UV light solid light solid drying slow these weaknesses, not fit for the offset printing UV printing, offset printing UV printing process need UV light solid drying speed must synchronize with high-speed production of printing machine, high speed light solid drying, UV light solid print after drying under temperature must be within the normal temperature 50 ℃ does not make the plastic sheet and print heat deformation, UV light solid machine, UV drying machine, UV curing machine for the conventional equipment UV light solid drying speed, high luminous temperature, increasing power to improve the UV light solid drying speed and improve luminance temperature exponentially, this is restricted to conventional UV light solid machine, UV drying machine, UV curing machine with offset printing machine form a complete set of technical problems.
 For offset printing UV printing technology demand research and development production of fully automatic UV offset printing low-temperature high-speed dryer, the use of the imported advanced low temperature high intensity UV lamp, also equipped with advanced UV lamp cooling system, UV light solid temperature control in normal temperature 45 ℃ or so, light solid drying speed 9000 / hour, also in order to adapt to high-speed offset press printing paper is equipped with intelligent automatic paper machine, conform to the requirements of the offset printing of low-temperature high-speed UV printing process.

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