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The choice of the UV lamp

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       Now in the market of UV lamp has two kinds of high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp. Domestic equipment generally the use of high pressure mercury lamp, general part of imported equipment using metal halogen lamp.
  The UV lamp power of choice. The UV lamp power is the UV light radiation energy, also called penetration. It must meet the UV printing ink (light oil) absorption spectrum of the wavelength and power density requirements. If the UV lamp power is not enough, even if the illumination time longer, after the number of the UV curing equipment, more products also cannot achieve completely cured. Instead, still can make UV ink (light oil) surface aging, closed, brittle, etc., and it isn't good adhesion of ink (light oil), makes the dieyin poor adhesion between the layers. Because of the low power UV light cannot penetrate the ink layer at the bottom, the bottom no cure or cure completely.

  The UV lamp power need to meet the requirements of 80 ~ 120 w/cm, but the greater the power, the greater the heat will be, so to choose according to different curing and curing speed power.

  The service life of the UV lamp is usually 800-1000 hours, should be replaced immediately after, when the intensity of the ultraviolet light emitted by the UV lamp, can affect the curing effect. And advice during the using period according to the production environment (air dust content), at the right time with anhydrous ethanol clean tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then transfer the UV lamp 90 °. This is advantageous to the effective radiation to UV ink or UV rays of light oil, guarantee of penetration.

The types of reflector focus, the focus and more reflective surface. Most of them adopt is focusing. The structure characteristics of the reflector is the reflection of the UV light energy concentration, curing light with high efficiency, easy to ink layer thick ink curing, can make the ink of the deep completely cured.

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