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The UV curing machine maintenance way

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     Uv curing machine maintenance generally for three aspects: check the fan, if there is any abnormal sound, motor operation is normal, if there is any abnormal close the machine immediately and notify the maintenance overhaul. Turn on the light after check whether UV lamp has been lit, if found to have not lit, immediately notify the maintenance overhaul.
 1, often clean the dust within the cavity.
    2, UV lamp intensity can achieve working rules, tubes with and without aging.
    3, give a cheer drive chain, sprocket, come on.
    4, check the fan, motor can operate properly, the motor speed can satisfy the work request.
    5, check the uv lamp current is normal, the line for aging.
    6, check the uv curing machine vents presence of infarction, infarct immediately clean up the dust.
    7, mesh belt elasticity can be appropriate.
    8, the drive shaft, wheel is loose, two sprockets can vertically.
    9, reflectors with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol wiped clean.
    10, transformer insulation shall not be less than 5 ohms, if not, you need to put pressure reset.
    11, motor gearbox refueling.
    12, see the uv curing machine lines and can switch to normal.
  Need to pay attention to:
  Uv machine equipment when turn on the light to turn on the light in turn, each lamp interval 1 minute or so, don't open at the same time.
       Uv machine equipment is not immediately after turn on the light to work, need a lamp preheating time, when summer high temperature preheating time is short; Winter low temperature, preheat time longer, preheating time need 2-3 minutes. If there is a weak light UV machine installation, in the bright light file starting turn on the light, it can shorten the lamp preheating time, weak light if work demand, can be in after the preheating to weak light.
      Uv machine equipment to turn off the lights let the fan work after a period of time, until cooling tubes.
      Uv machine equipment to turn off the lights if you need to immediately after starting, be sure to complete cooling tube until after the start, or under the condition of the high temperature tube appearance is starting up.