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What is the UV equipment and suitable scope

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  The UV equipment is needed in the field of radiation curing technology of UV equipment, core parts are UV lamp (UV lamp).
  With the rapid development of modern society online printing technology, as well as the customer required goods of high quality, high benefit, high grade artistic pursuit, the general printing speed, print quality, printing effect have been unable to meet the needs of customers is higher; More professional printing technology level, the optimal quality of UV ink, also equipped with high efficiency, automation of post-press drying equipment, has become the present and the future of printing industry the most basic and the main restraining factors.
  Network printing process, professional skills, the selection of UV ink and the use, has become common in the professional books and periodicals and while the process behind the overlooked by many customers and manufacturers, get the best artistic effect, make the printing product stand out in many commodities, extraordinary, printed after the drying equipment of light solid link is not allow to ignore.
  According to the selection of UV ink characteristics, curing mechanism and so on the specific circumstances, apply to match the drying equipment, as well as the most main printing process.
Scope of application:
All kinds of UV ink curing coatings, IMD injection molding products; Paint test, plastic buttons, metal   buttons, PE plastic shell UV oil, UV glue drying curing.
All sorts of handicraft surface coating is dry, UV adhesive joint.

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