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The classification of UV light solid machine and advantages

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  The kinds of UV machine is divided into:
  Surface uv light solid machine, box-type uv light solid machine, portable uv light solid machine, touch uv light solid machine, desktop uv light solid machine these types.
  The advantages of UV light solid machine
    Instant drying: don't wait for the drying time, greatly shorten the process time. Can connect drum and sprinkle the episodic coating machine, coating after finished products directly to dry, from handling trouble. Strengthen the surface hardness of coating material, colour and lustre is bright beautiful.
    Function: dry wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, glasses, leather these dry after using UV paint coating.

    The characteristics of the offset printing
   Offset printing by its unique craft fine colorful applications become the main printing process of high-grade printing, offset printing on print telescopic deformation are required and adapt to the high efficiency high speed printing, UV light solid machine offset printing to printing light solid temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, don't let the print scale deformation, light solid speed to 8000 zhang/hour, form a complete set of intelligent automatic paper machine can offset printing automatic high speed to meet the demand of the printing, UV light solid machine commonly used by the UV lamp is high temperature and low intensity of UV light, to print the light solid temperature of 70 ° C to 90 ° C, UV light solid speed of about 4000-5000 / hour, need to improve the UV lamp power to achieve solid light speed, UV light solid temperature will be doubled, there's no way to meet the requirements of strict technology of offset printing
    Professional offset printing low-temperature high-speed UV light solid machine, with imported high strength at low temperature is the UV lamp, low temperature high intensity UV lamp is a kind of using high purity light emitting electrode, filling ratio accurately high-purity glowing gas, with high-end technology in the production of high pressure mercury lamp, small working current, low temperature, high strength, than conventional UV lamp glow with norms low temperature by more than 40%, more than 100% high luminous intensity, offset low temperature high UV light solid machine intelligent high speed automatic paper machine, printing UV light solid temperature control in 45 ° C, UV light solid rate reached more than 9000 copies per hour, in line with the technological conditions of low temperature high speed offset printing, widely used in cigarette packs packaging printing, color printing packaging printing, printing industry.
    Special printing advantages
    Most of screen printing, lithographic printing, letterpress printing, adhesive label, metal nameplate, KT board, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, such as single-sided PCB substrate printed crystal ice, grinding, crystal stones, colorful convex oil and other special effects. Coating aspect all use this way: wood surface coating, paper glazing surface coating, plastic floor, optical fiber line. Instant dry, save time, high production efficiency. Still can make up to achieve high gloss surface, the effect of friction resistance, solvent resistance. Conveyor belt infinitely adjustable-speed, and there is deviation prevention device, ensure transmit smooth.
    Import teflon long wangdai, smooth conveying speed is adjustable, can be convenient and production lines and other equipment. Each UV system control independently, in accordance with the number of open lamp production. The use of special aluminium magnesium alloy lamp shade, concentrating design, high production efficiency. UV UV lamp work current can pass outside the clock control, effective control the UV system working condition. Equipped with reasonable cooling system, prevention and treatment of chamber temperature caused the paper to deformation. Heat through heat removal system can eliminate the outdoor, and so on characteristics of the production work environment protection.

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