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UV light solid machine proper maintenance methods

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  In today's highly developed society. Machinery and equipment of the work of the need for maintenance, this can not only can ensure the normal use of the machine, but also extend the service life of the machine, UV light solid machine is not exceptional also, daily maintenance also cannot little. So what methods of UV light solid machine maintenance? Specific as follows:
   The daily maintenance
   1, clean the surface dirt, keep the body clean.
      2, start the UV light solid machine, check whether the fan, motor running normally, if there is any abnormal sound, such as welcome close the machine immediately and notify the maintenance overhaul.
     3, turn on the light after check whether UV lamp has been lit, if found to have no the light, immediately notify maintenance overhaul.
  Monthly maintenance
   1, check that the vent is clogged, and clean up the dust.
      2, check whether the lamp current is normal, the line for aging.
      3, check whether the fan, motor running normally, motor speed can meet the job requirements.
      4, cheer cheer drive chain and sprocket.
      5, UV lamp intensity can reach the standard work, lamp whether ageing.
      6, dust cleaning the lumen.
 Half a year to maintain
 1, the view in the UV light solid machine line and the switch is normal.
   2, give a cheer motor gearbox.
   3, transformer insulation not less than 5 ohms, if not, need to put the transformer dry again.
   4, reflectors with clean soft cloth dipped in alcohol.
   5, transmission shaft, wheel have loose, two chain wheel is vertical.
   6, mesh belt firmness.

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