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The UV curing machine operating mode

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  1, this machine can only make training of qualified personnel and professional maintenance and repair personnel to operate.
  2 check the UV interior presence of clutter, and other items, if please welcome to clear.
  3, check whether the UV curing machine body have good grounding protection.
  4, check whether the voltage is correct before starting. Ensure the normal order of the power supply after open lamp in sequence, each lamp interval 1 minute or so, not at the same time open. Let it warm up for 5 minutes to reach steady state.
  5, after open the UV lamp must check whether the cooling fan is running, otherwise please immediately shut off the UV lamp.
  6, when the machine is in operation, it is forbidden to reach into the machine, avoid to cause unnecessary accidents.
  7, if turn off the light after the second start, completely cooling tubes to need to wait for ten minutes after the start, or tubes under the condition of high temperature will appear phenomenon cannot be started.
  8, when the normal shutdown, not immediately cut off power supply, or it will cause lamp aging ahead of time. First press the stop button UV lamp, UV lights, cooling fan, exhaust fan, the conveyor belt to continue running, such as stop delay arrival, the machine automatically enter the stationary state, to unplug the power supply.
  9, replace the UV lamp, it is necessary to shut off the power switch, the switch tube, can't let hand touch lamp, cause a mole, on the lamp in case influence the luminous efficiency, wear clean gloves for conversion.
  10, fixed when the UV lamp, ceramic on both ends fixed block is not tight, tube fixed, should have a gap on both ends, with handle gently pull fuse tube slide. Not long time watching direct uv, don't let the skin long time contact with ultraviolet light.