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The application range of the UV equipment

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     UV equipment, the application scope of modern society basically all printing machine can print U ink, like offset printing, embossed, screen printing, pad printing, inkjet printing. All kinds of printing machine production business for real UV ink printing is now thinking about how to improve the model. UV offset press is the big market in our country, Germany Heidelberg, Roland, global group all UV6 + 1 offset press is expensive, but in China's installed capacity is very large. Japanese komori, mitsubishi also developed the UV offset printing machines, northerners UV offset press also was born in 2005. UV adhesive are equipped with UV curing machine. UV flexo machine use early, ten years ago the united's used flexo machine is equipped with UV curing machine.

     groups of UV curing machine, mainly used in printing thin film materials. Widely used outdoor advertising screen printing UV ink. Because of the quick drying, but also can improve the printing speed, the second is the UV ink fade resistance to ultraviolet sunlight delay time. Spray, spray, spray number bar code sprayer extensive use of UV ink. With UV ink painting color bright beautiful color saturation high looks even more striking, ink layer surface without protective films can reach the effect of friction resistance. Beverage packaging spray UV ink number or bar code friction resistance, resistance to delimit, prevent dropout and CaGai number, anti-counterfeit effect. Will be a fraud by shelf life milk box to change the production date, but the UV printing ink resistant to more than one hundred times, almost impossible to change.

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