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A common problem of UV lamp use

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   Uv lamp use will not be able to light a few hours, physical observation tubes in good condition, what reason be?
   Uv lamp can light up normally closed for the first time, after bright point, need to look at the capacitor and transformer are in good condition, the line was clear, the presence of poor contact phenomenon. Replace the damaged parts or to reinforce the line connection, general can solve the problem.
If have voltage on both ends of the tube, circuit is normal, it is proved to be a lamp itself. If it is mercury lamp has electrode could be the cause or tube inner quality problem, or the lamp has a flat. If it is metal halogen lamp because the halide matching degree is not appropriate, or transformer output is too low, or light pipe pressure is too high.
   The main reason for the deformation of the uv lamp, deformation has what effect?
Uv lamp deformation is the main reason of the temperature is too high, slight deformation does not affect the normal use, but life will shorten a lot, serious deformation can make tubes side thinning and fracture. Check the fan whether the damage or exhaust pipe is too long exhaust.
    Three, uv lamp black on both ends is how to return a responsibility?
     Because the electrode flake powder, attached to the wall, like the uv lamp black after use life is normal, but the appear this kind of circumstance is up to two hundred hours lamp quality problems, as the lamp uv intensity is not enough to meet the requirements of curing, need to change.
      Fourth, the uv lamp into a bubble, how be to return a responsibility?
Because the local temperature is too high, or because local thin quartz tube wall, check whether the exhaust system is unobstructed.

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