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What is the effect of UV lamp overheating

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  China is most UV lamp mercury lamp, shell material is quartz glass, the advantage of this kind of glass is the uv-transmitting partition of infrared light. But because of quartz glass is very thin, only 0.3 MM, so the infrared isolation effect is not very significant. UV lamp launch when looking for a job is a full spectrum rays, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet rays are exist at the same time.
   Because there are strong infrared thermal effect, the temperature excursion caused by UV region. Simply by increasing the temperature of the quartz glass to ensure that the UV region, once a domestic manufacturer specially bought a piece of quartz glass is installed on the UV lamp, UV reflector as a result, Germany imports of aluminum alloy melt. In order to effectively avoid the middle layer too thick, or the other hand, effectively reduce infrared, reduce quantity of heat, the following must be done.
  To guarantee the effect of cooling section, first need to install special exhaust air supply device, so that it can timely will heat dissipation, ensure product at a lower temperature for UV curing. Usually the best before the state is the product of UV can fall below 40 degrees.
  The second is to ensure that the UV section has smooth send exhaust system, each UV lamp installed duct, because the UV lamp in normal working conditions is the largest source of heat, must will take heat away. And in order not to make the line body turbulence, exhaust the supply air volume, even at the same time so you also need to decorate air supply device. Common practice is the top decorate a exhaust link online UV lamp, below the line on one side of the body also is decorated a row of wind, on the one hand is cooling, on the other hand is to maintain the cleanliness of the UV chamber. Supply arrangement online at the top of the body, then using the natural wind without heating, facilitate timely to cool overheated areas.

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