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The most popular type UV light solid machine

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Portable UV light solid machine       
   UV curing paint can be used for floor, model making adhesive, arts and crafts glazing, printing, scientific experiments. 
   Different product curing, niche products production manual work.
   Suitable for furniture, wood, leather and other surface polishing, can live production, simple operation.
   Comfortable and in all kinds of stone material such as artificial stone surface polishing, repair the UV paint curing, such as car repair beauty.
   Comfortable and in UV glue stick, small electronic products UV ankylosis.
   Suitable and repaired in the UV, flexible operation, easy and convenient.
 Commonly used type of uv curing machine  Type power supply/optical power width mm conveying speed UV400 380/2 x 3.0 400 5 ~ 25 UV750A 380/2 x 3.0 750 5 ~ 25 UV750B 380/2 x 5.6 750 5 ~ 25 UV900 380/2 x 5.6 900 5 ~ 25   Can be used for silk screen printing UV ultraviolet (UV) light curing ink.
  The main function 
  Configure two sets of red, UV light source system, number of open lamp required according to the production.
  Imported iron chevron conveyor mesh belt, seiko production, not only smooth operation and no noise.
  Taiwan speed regulating motor and the speed governor, conveyor belt, stepless speed regulation, visual production situation adjust the conveyor speed.
  Concentrating design, imported high concentrated reflection lampshade instantaneous drying, express speed.
  The UV lamp shade of light height can be adjusted.
  Outside the UV lamp work electricity flows through the clock display, effective control the UV system working condition.
  Equipped with sophisticated cooling system, to prevent the temperature of the working chamber is too high, at the same time, effective work environment protection production.

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