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What is a flexible UV printing

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  Flexible printed version of the UV is developing rapidly in recent years a printing process, plate picture and text part is higher than the graphic part, and flexible, can be well expressed by some subtle level and outline. In addition, the suitable substrates, including not only the traditional paper, some non absorbent substrates, such as plastic film, aluminum foil composite paper, glassine paper also can adopt flexible printing.
  Adopt flexible printing UV ink, not only should pay attention to color, curing, and the problem of adhesion ink components must be paid much attention to the influence of ink viscosity, rheological property, in order to get better printing eligibility and stability.
  Flexible printing process determines the UV printing ink can't have higher viscosity. Traditional flexible printing ink solvent and aqueous two kinds, need to adjust the viscosity of solvent or water, due to the use of a large amount of solvent, most flexible printing ink in similar to Newton fluid rheological aspect, can make the ink sedimentation, unstable.
  The UV light source, UV LED equipment is mainly used for UV LED curing, its intensity is better than traditional UV light a lot, UV LED point light source the highest power of 10 w/cm2, line light source, light face different irradiation area, different size. Can be customized light source intensity, achieve the double standard curing and speed.

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