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Fishing with UV lamp little knowledge

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   Whether diving or external, UV germicidal lamps must be sealed not visible, if not, is likely to be false.
    UV germicidal lamp is a kind of very good fish farming equipment, can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in water, on algae inhibition effect at the same time, the treatment effect of ozone machine, but no ozone machine processing is more perfect. The biggest difference between it and the ozone machine "is an indirect role, a direct role", both applied to family fish is very convenient and practical.
However, UV germicidal lamp is radiation principle, therefore, absolutely can not be used directly for the fish, grass, and people to illuminate, otherwise, will make fish produce lesions or mutagenic results, is also the same for people, for the people, the most surprising is that, it could make you have cancer.
    UV germicidal lamp used to breed fish are generally cooperate with filters are used together, are connected to the filter used on inlet or outlet pipe, through its water for radiation sterilization treatment, it is an indirect nature, the process of nitrifying bacteria most are parasitic in glass ring cultivation bed etc, therefore, it not pose a direct threat to the nitrifying bacteria and destroy, so, don't worry, rest assured use.
    Generally only need a barrel to 11 w (refers to the UV lamp power, do not contain pump) is ok, use 3 to 6 hours a day.
    With the uv lamp can effectively control the growth of algae, but if you want to get a good ecological environment, needs to be taken care by the daily.

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