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Proper use of the UV lamp

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   The UV lamp when using the matters needing attention
  1,The UV lamp work needs to be equipped with corresponding specifications of the transformer and capacitor;
 ,2,Need to use anhydrous ethanol before use clean surface of tube, can't touch by hand directly;
 ,3,Tubes produced by high pressure mercury vapor discharge strong long wave violet radiation (main line is 365 nm);
 ,4,Strong ultraviolet ray can burn the eyes and skin, while working to avoid light of direct illuminate;
 ,5,Tubes due to accidental damage, and cause the mercury vapour distribution, field personnel, please leave immediately, make the scene last ventilated 20 to 30 minutes, to prevent the mercury vapour being sucked into the body and cause poisoning; Safe to clear in time field, recovery of mercury can be reserved for experimental material.
 ,6,Place the shade seal preservation, avoid direct light.
   Processing, maintenance and guarantee
  All of the quartz tube carefully before packaging transportation cleaning steps. If handled with care, (for example: the lamp body without fingerprints), can be used when opened the package. If direct contact with the tube with both hands, with deionized water or industrial alcohol slightly wet paper towels, carefully wipe the lamp, with a dry towel to dry bulb. According to need, but also should regularly clean tube and reflector. Especially when the tube surface is stained with more when other attachments should be clean. If cannot be handled in a timely manner, will lead to the lamp premature loss of transparency and thus influence the working effect.
  The length of the lamp life, there are many factors, such as: open to turn off the lights, working time after every light, electricity and heat of operational data, as well as to the lamp is handled well. All mercury and metal halide lamp, if in normal operating conditions, will have their production quality assurance. The vast majority of water silver solid lamp will be according to the different situation, have different hours of work.

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