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Carpentry coating UV production line production process

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    Carpentry coating UV production line production process is mainly manual putty, primer - blast drying primer - IR light, UV paint, UV curing drying, finishing products. Most of the wood floor coating UV technology is used these processes, it's just different wood materials blotted out the number of different UV curing powder coatings.
    Wood coatings generally adopts roller coating method, some still use curtain type coating. The coating is rarely used, generally takes four to six times the uv paint, in this article, on the process of daub generally USES 1000 watts of IR (infrared) tube, matching number according to the production speed.
    UV lamp spray wood floor will be more comfortable, in general, it and power is greater than the length of the printing process used in the UV lamp and UV lamp for plastic spraying technology, that is to say, such a process, the best match of UV light tube length is 1000 mm or so, most power more than 5.6 KW.
    For wood UV coating, UV equipment requirements is very high, because of its base material is solid wood, belong to the polar materials, is qualitative, not belong to non-polar materials like plastic, after pretreatment, therefore, floor of wood of adhesion of coating to appear some bad phenomenon (premise is used for UV coating).

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