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UV lamp atomization and little knowledge of life

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  Most of the service life of the UV lamp is how long? This is the buyers often ask buyers is one of the most concerned problems, because each of us wants to buy is high quality, can use the longer, the better. UV lamp life generally refers to the so-called can maintain enough energy for operating time, in the meantime the attenuation of energy gradually until below the acceptable range, the general standard of the UV lamp that emits sufficient UV energy up to 800 hours, of course, there are some foreign imports of UV lamp life of up to 1500 hours. Again under the UV lamp has the reason of the fog, which could also UV lamp users often run into a problem.
  The UV lamp is the fundamental cause of fog? If there is a fog is tube is:
  1, the problem of quartz tube, the hydroxyl is bad.
  2, or in the process of production the exhaust.
  3, and filling into the gas purity is not enough. If there is a fog is outside the tube is: ink are attached to the wall, light oil gas volatiles, can try to wipe with alcohol and other solvents on a regular basis. The above is to use UV lamp often encounter some problems.

  Know and use the knowledge. Can better help us to solve the UV lamp in the process of using the situation.

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