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The UV curing and the traditional curing

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  The difference between the UV curing and the traditional curing   
  With the rapid development of modern society, whether it's printing industry or offset printing industry, the use of UV light curing ink more and more. Compared the traditional solvent-based inks and UV light curing ink which has good gloss, stereo sense is strong, and the advantages of no harmful solvent evaporation, especially in dry ink, UV light solid ink can be instantly under UV irradiation curing, in addition to the traditional solvent ink drying cycle is long, covers an area of big shortcomings, such as, greatly improving the work efficiency and quality. After UV light curing ink printing after UV light solid instant curing equipment implementation. The main factors affecting the quality of light solid with the wavelength of the UV lamp, energy, and the speed of conveyor belt, UV machine cooling system, etc.
 Principle of the UV curing, UV lamp and related technology:
  UV curing principle: add light initiator in unique compound resin (or photosensitizer), after absorption in the ultraviolet (UV) light curing equipment after high intensity of ultraviolet light, producing active free radicals, triggering polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reaction, make the liquid into a solid resin in a very short time.
  UV curing lamp: equipments in the industry often use UV light source, mainly is the gas discharge lamp, mercury lamp). According to the pressure of the cavity in the lamp size is divided into several, low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, super high industrial production curing are often used in high pressure mercury lamp. High pressure mercury lamp radiation can produce strong 310 nm, 365 nm, 410 nm wavelength of characteristics of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light and infrared (IR), which is the wavelength of 365 nm as the main countries around the world are commonly used for curing dry band (the appellation of the UV lamp is refers to the high pressure mercury lamp of 365 nm).
  Wavelength UV machine: 365 nm band spectrum is suitable for general light curing ink (not meeting the requirements of ice, wrinkling and other special spectrum of ink). Too much miscellaneous light of UV lamp, will influence light solid effect, advising clients in the selection of UV light solid device light solid experiment was carried out first, to test the wavelength UV machine is in line with the light solid requirements.
  UV machine power: general UV light solid ink required power for the 80-120 - w/cm, light solid energy too high will cause the embrittlement of the ink, light solid energy is too low to reach the light solid effect.
  Suction device: the UV lamp in ultraviolet (UV) at the same time, also can produce a lot of heat, make the body temperature rising, solid machine equipped with convulsions device over the UV lamp light, and through the ventilation pipe will be produced in the process of curing ozone emitted, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. When substrates is too thin or heat resistance requirement is very low, need to the light solid test to determine whether it can meet the requirements. Substrates for high temperature requirements, special processing, we can undertake in quartz glass down to the bottom of the tube equipment, in order to achieve the effect of cooling and filtering noise further light.