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The LED UV curing equipment and traditional equipment

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  LED UV curing equipment and the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional equipment
  New UV LED UV curing equipment is the rise of modern technology, it is compared to the traditional equipment has the advantage of:
  Power: the power of the LED is small, almost are W to calculate, and general UV lamp is on the KW;
  Save a space: ordinary UV lamp attached electrical components, and its high power relatively thermogenesis also is bigger, you need to form a complete set of the cooling components, leds, it is very simple, just trigger system and less heat and system;
  Energy band focus: ordinary UV light emitted almost 30% of IR, UV LED content is relatively high minimum content of 85%
  To try first if you want to change the LED UV, UV LED the band in general, the more is 395 nm, ordinary is 365 (mercury lamp/mercury lamp), less there will be 420 (halogen) 417 (gallium lamp) these, so whether to test the LED can dry your ink or paint, that if you want to change the ink is more to consider in 395 of the ink is more expensive, the LED is not suitable for large area; More expensive than ordinary UV LED many, the investment need to be careful.

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