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UV light curing coatings development

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  Inmont companies in the United States in 1946, the first patent, UV light curing ink German Bayer company in 1968 developed the first generation of UV light curing wood coatings, radiation, including light and electron beam curing coatings obtained rapid development in the world. Although China in the 1970 s began to research and development of uv-curable wood coatings, and even set up several furniture coating production line in Shanghai, Beijing, but because the lack of raw materials, light sources and curing equipment to form a complete set and all died.
  As into the 90 s, the deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of telecommunications, computer, household appliances, printing, packaging, building materials, etc., in order to promote and promote the development of radiation curing coating industry in China. So purchased abroad advanced UV curing technology, materials and equipment. In 1998, although the Asian financial crisis has had a huge impact, but ultraviolet UV light curing coatings and printing ink consumption in our country still reach 8, 500 t, the domestic production of about 6, 000 t, the annual growth rate of more than 25% 0 2003, UV light curing coatings in China (not including ink) output to 1 4000 t, 2004 at 23, 000 t growth rate as high as 23%.
  Since 1998, our country related to radiation curing product production and the production of raw materials is growing. Almost doubled in a year, UV light curing coating light initiator in the production of 1 4000 t, and as most of the export, oligomers, active diluents and the curing production line, radiation curing industry in China is rapid development.