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UV cure coatings

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  Liquid coating moment under UV irradiation curing into a new type of solid coating paint is called the UV curing coating. UV curing coating is a new generation of green environmental protection, handicraft Ayer company in Germany in the early 1960 s successful development and industrial production. This coating has a fast curing degree, energy saving, high efficiency, no environmental pollution, etc.
  UV curing coatings using tetraethyl orthosilicate cool sense of cool inside have two and three glycol modified aliphatic double epoxy/cool inside has many light cationic UV curable coating, can significantly improve the glass transition temperature and hardness of the coating, stick relay and glossiness will also increased, but with the applicable period shorten. The increase of the content of more light base compound coating hardness will quickly rise.
  Using silica sol, including light base polyacrylic cool and isocyanate cool reaction products of silane coupling agent to improve the wear resistance of coating; Also contain light Quito functional groups with acid with acrylic acid and cool reactants with silicon containing epoxy crosslinking agent processing, wear-resisting coating can be obtained.