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The UV lamp of a variety of purposes

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  UV curing machine through the special configuration can make the UV lamp from high voltage excitation in a flash light, which broke out in main peak is 360 nm (nano) of ultraviolet light. Irradiate UV coating coated layer, can the instantaneous at about 1 ~ 2 s will paint curing.
  Ultraviolet sterilization is not only have a place in the industry, also also plays an important role in medicine, but also in the daily household life environment also plays an important role. We need to know first what are suitable for UV lamp use occasions, to facilitate our disinfection sterilization, to protect our health. The UV curing machine make good use of ultraviolet light. The following instructions where is the suitable place.
  The bedroom. The bedroom is the most direct contact with human body parts. Disease often disinfection cleaning is effective way.
  Bedding, bed sheets. Southern wet weather, for example, often with continuous days of rain or the rainy season, the sheets and bedding will be a large amount of mildew, bed will feel itchy skin, use the sterilization lamp disinfection can effectively solve the problem.
  And storage room toilet, toilet and storage room is the place where the most easy to breed bacteria, like some unventilated bathroom and storage, in the air, everywhere on the items, breeds bacteria, virus, more than 85% of virus sex cold, diarrhea, itching because of infections caused by bacteria.
  Kitchen, raw vegetables, raw meat food contains a lot of parasites, viruses, every time after food, be sure to sterilization in the kitchen. Otherwise, the parasites will hurt your health through various means. The UV lamp sterilization once a week, can effectively prevent this from happening.