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The history of the UV curing machine

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  Modern along with the rapid development of the automobile, real estate and other industries, due to is not far behind, our country has become the world's coating consumption and production of power.
  Tradition of UV curing coatings for solvent-based coating, the organic solvent 40% [f2l, in use process produces a large number of organic solvents, VOC (volatile organic content). With modern people pay more and more attention to environmental problems, more perfect world environmental protection laws and regulations, so there will be less and less solvent coating. At the same time, the new environmental protection coating development is rapid, representative with UV cure coatings and water-borne coatings, powder coatings, etc. At present the environmental characteristics of the new coating market share accounted for about 80%, to 2015 market share will rise to 93%} 3 t. Due to now is toward the direction of environmental protection.
  Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology in full compliance with the principles of "3 e" (ecosystem Ecology, Energy, Energy and economic pa.}}} 4 since the German Bayer company developed UV curing coatings for the first time since 1968, UV curing coatings has been rapid development. UV curing technology is a new technology environmental protection, Energy saving and efficient. The coating under the action of ultraviolet light, the main resin in coatings, light initiator, the reaction of active diluents, etc, and in a short time, curing film. UV curing coatings is also suitable for heat sensitive substrate and high-speed automatic production line, thus rapid development since modern times.
   At present, the UV curing coatings though, they are widely used in information technology, printing ink, paint, biomedical, and many other fields. But the UV curing coatings in China compared with some developed countries, has a great gap in many ways. In order to find the suitable for China's national economy sustained, stable development approach, we need to strengthen research and development of UV curing coatings.