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UV light solid machine equipment use

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  Maybe someone is a bit strange to UV light solid machine equipment, the common saying say is to use strong ultraviolet radiation, and thus for the instantaneous surface curing a new machine, is a high and new technology of modern rapid development, its unique radiation characteristics and the use of good performance, has caused attaches great importance to science and business. Like printing cigarette case, wine packaging, grinding plate UV frosted ink, fast curing, sand feeling good. Used for offset printing all kinds of permeable base material, instant dry adhesion. Like the UV printing ink, UV clear foam ink, UV gem, UV ink ice ink can do without UV light solid machine, etc.
In electronic, optical, LCD, screen printing, packaging, and many other fields can see the figure of it.
  Columns such as: silk screen printing and packing carton picture in the offset printing, nameplate, desk calendar, such as UV ink curing, UV curing all kinds of CARDS, calendars nameplate, large pieces of cardboard UV light oil and dry curing equipment;
  Small plastic electronic hardware UV glue or UV curing ink, electronics, precision parts, magnetic head, magnetic materials optical, liquid crystal display, micro-motor, UV light solid glue dispensing curing, LCD glass sealing side of UV glue curing equipment;
 Double-sided board face or double printing surface UV curing equipment, bar coupling refitted print UV curing equipment, continuous UV curing, the efficiency multiplier;
  Plastic buttons, metal buttons, plastic PE plastic shell UV oil, UV glue dry curing, ceramic capacitor production line, small electronic components marking curing dedicated equipment;
  Portable UV curing experimental equipment, field experiment, a small amount of production, on-site repair, desktop curing test and small batch of UV curing experimental equipment.

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